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About Vistanet 

Vistanet Telecommunications is an end-to-end VoIP provider.  This means we are full-service and provide sales, installation, service, support, training and equipment for our business clients.  We are Asheville's local, premier full-service VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) provider of hosted telecommunication services providing reliable connections across multiple devices.   For a list of the types of businesses we work with, click here.

Vistanet was founded by Andrea Robel in Asheville, NC 10 years ago with the goal of providing western North Carolina with the best in telecommunications.  Today, Vistanet is a leader in providing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to businesses of all sizes, helping them to connect with their remote workforce, multiple sales and business locations and offering full-service sales, installation and training.  Yes!  We work with businesses in all states.

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Why choose Vistanet?

We are a local, 8(a) Woman-Owned, HUB Certified, Full Service, Telecommunications provider serving businesses from 1 employee to companies with multiple locations and lines. Learn more in this video.

Boosting your business begins with Vistanet’s broad range of secure, sophisticated telecom solutions. Our exclusive inventory of high-impact devices, mobile app access and services were specially designed to deliver the muscle, mobility and modern features needed to optimize your organization.

Vistanet’s Mission & Vision

Our Today

We strive to equip today’s business owners with tomorrow’s telecom solutions.

Our Tomorrow

To be the most dependable, greatest equipped and best-mannered telephony company.

Girl using her smartphone

Woman-Owned, Family-Operated.

Meet the team behind Vistanet’s vision.


Four Decades of Know-How

A giant in the industry. A leader in her field.

Simply put: Vistanet’s President and fearless leader, Andrea Robel, belongs on the Mount Rushmore of telecom history.

Her 40+ years of telephony experience has equipped Andrea with the skill set and knowledge base needed to build Vistanet into the business-ready telephony hub it is today. Having thrived in both the public and private telecommunications space, Andrea brings her passion for connecting business and customers to our Vistanet office every day.

Andrea’s professional experience includes:

  • Designing, developing and deploying her own “Full Cycle Loan Processing Procedures” to ensure business telephony companies could secure the funding and financial backing they needed to open up their doors.

  • A background in business consultancy helping Fortune 500 companies with strategic planning, financing operations, advisory governance and business turn-arounds.

  • Business Management degree from the U. of Maryland.


Meet Vistanet’s Telecom Techie

Discover Greg Robel’s unique, tactical approach to VoIP technologies.

Greg’s finance and economics degree from Mars Hill University means he’s fluent in cost-savings and capital outlays alike. So, no matter your business goals, Greg’s 15 years of telecom and network experience has given him a deep sense of appreciation of the powerful technology at the heart of Vistanet’s services—and how it can help your company thrive.

Greg’s professional experience includes:

  • Inspecting, studying and stress-testing every single Vistanet phone we offer— ensuring that businesses, like yours, receive the most feature-rich and reliable tech on the market today.

  • Extensive, on-the-job management training at Vistanet, where he appraised, assessed and advised our clients on their immediate telecom needs and what he could do to increase their efficiencies while boosting their bottom line.

  • Business degree in both Finance and Economics from Mars Hill University.

Our Principles

Discover the core beliefs we stand behind.

The guiding values that shape our culture, direction, and vision for the future.

Vistanet’s Values:

  • Your Success is Our Success – When our clients win, we win. It’s that simple.

  • We Mean Business – Vistanet is in the value-add business. Our goal is to enhance and advance our clients’ firms 24/7/365, no matter what.

  • Best-in-Class is Our Calling – We’re here to empower enterprises with the premier products and devices they need to dominate the competition.

  • A Range of Remarkable Solutions – Whether customers are looking to streamline their organization or upscale their operations, Vistanet provides the cutting-edge tools to help them cut costs while continuing to grow their business.

  • Our Future is in Our Fleet – Our roster of robust, feature-rich business solutions ensures we keep our clients thriving and prosperous in today’s ever-changing marketplace.


Codes and Certifications

DUNS Number: 06-8469595

NAICS Code: 517911

FCC #0023612542

Certifications and Designations:

Certified as Women Business Enterprise (WBE) with City of Asheville Business Inclusion Office.

Certificate No. MWSBE-202115


Certified as NCSBE Firm:

NC Small Business Enterprise Firm by NC Small Business Enterprise Program from the NC Department of Administration, Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses

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