VoIP or Unified Communications?

There are many benefits to switching to cloud-based communications for your business, including services that tailor to your specific needs. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the Internet for phone communications rather than cabling. Unified-Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) makes a variety of communication tools available through a single platform. Both services are more cost-effective than traditional phone services with features that increase efficiency for your business.

VoIP: Increase your business phone’s accessibility

Created in the 1970’s, VoIP has served as a reliable tool for business calling due to its rapid technological growth. It enables users to gain service through an adapter directly connected to their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This allows the user to make calls in-office through traditional handsets and off-site using softphones.

 Mobile applications make it possible to gain access to calls and voicemail with multiple devices, and is often bundled through the same service provider. Most VoIP providers offer similar features to traditional telecommunication companies such as caller ID, three-way calling, blocking, long-distance and international calling. VoIP gives you instant access to additional features like phone line management, which permits you to change the number of phone lines without a physical installation. This allows you to easily add or remove lines, and save money on more channels of communication.


UCaaS: Many services, one platform

 Have you ever wanted to reach out to your customer through different channels, but only could afford business calling? UCaaS increases your communication by giving you more options to connect with your clientele. This includes business texting, instant messaging, e-mail, video conferencing, VoIP, and file sharing, which allows employees to use their preferential form of communication. UCaaS unifies whichever communication tools needed for your business altogether into one package. This is also a cloud-based application, so businesses are able to respond to messages across any tablet, cellphone or computer.

Which service should I get?

 UCaaS and VoIP can provide you with flexibility than traditional phone services. UCaaS is perfect for a business that already utilizes different resources to contact clients, like video conferencing. Instead of using multiple programs, maximize your productivity by gaining accessibility to document sharing tools and communication programs from a single vendor. It also provides flexibility to your customers, giving them the option of whether to text or call your business. If you’re looking for something simpler, VoIP allows consistent communication from different devices. It provides access to calls and voicemails using a personal cellphone, tablet or computer while maintaining your business number. Each service increases your ability to connect with customers more efficiently than a traditional landline service and can be customized to meet your individual business needs.

Anneisia Rogers