UC and the Future of the Workplace

In today’s age, a brick and mortar office is no longer a necessary part of business. Technology makes it easier to work remotely while staying connected to your main office. According to a global survey conducted by the International Workplace Group (IWG), approximately 70% of workers telecommute at least once a week, with 53% of workers preferring to work from home for half a week or more. The idea of a traditional workplace is being traded for more options for the modern day worker. Employees now have the flexibility to choose their preferred working environment while staying connected with employers and customers alike.

What are the disadvantages?

 The biggest issue with working from home is making sure everyone is on the same page. It’s difficult to complete work-related projects if all collaborators aren't using the same platform. Not only that, but it’s also hard to keep an official record of customers who have been contacted or any progress that has been completed during an remote work day. Unified Communications can directly solve these issues for at-home workers. UCaaS (Unified-Communications-as-a-Service) uses the cloud to integrate all work-related services like video conferencing, file sharing, and voice calling into one concise platform. With UCaaS, businesses can create a communication plan unique their business. The newest feature available with Vistanet is business texting, which allows users to text their clients from their business number while using any phone, computer or tablet device. You can get this feature accompanied with other communications that fit your specific business model. This allows any work completed from a remote location to be automatically updated just as it would in a physical office.  


The Versatility of UCaaS

 UCaaS maximizes the flexibility of your company by giving your employees dependable access both on-site and remotely. It can integrate more traditional communication systems like voice calling from a handset with current trends. Businesses can now call or text from personal devices using your business number, which increases mobility while protecting your employees’ private information.

 Businesses save money by only paying for programs they need, allowing them to scale back on extraneous expenses. Customizable plans allow for this type of flexibility, allowing you to make changes when needed. For instance, this would be helpful for a retail store that hires seasonal workers during the holidays. UCaaS allows the connection and removal of additional phone lines to be accessible to the employer anytime. Another case may be that your company doesn’t really use the instant messaging feature, but focuses on texting and voice calling. You can change your features to accommodate to your business’s actual needs. Employees can stay connected through one of the several communications options that could be selected with UCaaS. It prioritizes flexibility for your workers, allowing them to work in the best situation for them, while maintaining productivity from anywhere.

Anneisia Rogers