Why do I need call recording?

Call recording can be a critical tool for your business when utilized properly. Individuals should be notified that they are being recorded either directly from the employee or through an automated message. Once acquiring customer consent, you can implement a system in your business that improves customer service and protects your business from liability. Call recording helps you preserve interactions with your customer, enhancing the accuracy of your personal notes.  It also monitors customer complaints and compliments, helping you adapt your service to meet your target consumer’s needs.

Maintain an accurate account of client conversations

With call recording, your business can maintain a comprehensive call history. It preserves details such as the duration of the call, frequency, and the information exchanged. It records the exact exchange between customer and employee, retaining information that may have been missed, forgotten or mis-remembered. This is helpful for both the employee and consumer in case of miscommunication. Both sides can be clear on the original agreement, which will prevent potential lawsuits.

Scenario: A cleaning agency is hired by a new client, and makes an agreement to take out garbage, clean counter tops and vacuum the floors. When an employee arrives, the client claims that the customer service representative promised that they would do the laundry as well. The employee can use the recording to provide evidence of the original oral agreement.

 Cater to your consumer market

 Recording can similarly be an effective tool for your marketing team. Through the personal accounts of clients, your business can further understand the concerns of your target customer.  Monitoring frequently asked questions or common criticisms will allow you to constantly modify your marketing strategy based on customer needs.

Scenario: A leasing agency uses past recordings from renters and prospects to understand what features people are looking for in a residence. They use this information to highlight specific amenities in their own properties.

Effective training tool

Teach your staff how to communicate with customers using real life examples. This now turns call recording into a hands-on tool, showing your employees what techniques to use and what language to avoid when interacting with clients. This way you can analyze the quality of service and refine training to focus on the strengths of your customer service. Recordings can also update your staff on new developments with a client, so they could effectively step in if needed.

Scenario: A physical therapy office has more than one administrative assistant. They monitor conversations with customers to make sure interactions are uniform in the initial greeting and responses. They also determine if their employees are engaging customers in a friendly, helpful manner to ensure that all of their customers are getting the same great service.

Anneisia Rogers