3 Reasons Why You Should Enable Business Texting

In 2017, Americans exchanged approximately 1.5 trillion text messages nationally. Texting (SMS) has become a fixture not only for personal use, but for businesses as well. The ability to integrate SMS with a standard business phone system makes communicating to customers easier than ever.  As this trend continues, not having business texting capabilities will be comparable to not having a company email or main website. Here are some reasons why adding texting to your communications plan may benefit your business.

1) Reach a Larger Demographic

It is no secret that smartphones have gained a significant amount of attention over the last decade. They are used nationwide with 95% of adults owning at least a standard cellphone.  In fact, eight out of ten millennials prefer to receive texts instead of phone calls, with 68% of this demographic stating they text on a frequent basis. Although texting is typically associated with the younger demographic, it has become a universal way to communicate efficiently. About 47% of adults ages 30 to 49 use texting as a regular mode of communications. Even adults over 55 years old exchange at least 16 messages per day. Adding business SMS highlights accessibility for customers. It bridges the communication gap of individuals who are too busy to make phone calls, or people who simply enjoy the ease and convenience of texting. This feature follows current trends in communications, helping potential customers connect to your business effortlessly. 

2) Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Business Texting enhances customer service because it gives consumers a dependable mode of communication. Text messages naturally have a faster response time, with an average of 90 seconds compared to a 90-minute response time for emails. It eliminates poor customer experiences that can occur during phone calls such as being put on hold for an extended period or not getting answered on the first call.  With business SMS, employees can multitask by communicating with several customers at a time. This simply means texting can reach more customers at a quicker rate than phone calls or emails, improving the way your business communicates with customers.

3) Maximize Efficiency with your Personal SMS Bot

Business SMS bolsters productivity with the Keyword Responder Bot. The SMS bot is teachable and uses artificial intelligence to respond to frequently asked questions.With this feature, businesses can program common information such as hours of operation, directions and special promotions with specific keywords. This gives your business time to attend to big picture operations while still providing the same great service to those who request general information. At Vistanet, we provide in-person training, so you can get the most out of these great features.