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If you are looking to move locations or are getting ready to build your first site, call Vistanet before you sign any contracts. We can tell you what is or is not available. High speed Internet is a must for modern business, and you do not want to get stuck in a location where you cannot get service.  Any service that we provide is only as good as the network it is on.  Vistanet offers a full suite of local networking options from design to installation.

Vistanet is a channel partner who represents all the major carriers of Broadband Internet. Whether you need a DSL or Cable connection, or you need something more robust like a direct Fiber Optic connection, Vistanet works with the carriers and does all of the negotiating for you.   Vistanet will then present you with the best options, while you focus on what is important to you: your business.

Vistanet offers these solutions through Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) models. UCaaS delivers cloud communications through collaborative services and applications. Vistanet provides cloud based services to handle your entire Internet for business needs, which may include:

·       Fiber optic Internet. You receive up to gigabit Internet speed when you ask for fiber Internet near me. Whether you need a cable connection or something more robust like a direct fiber optic network, Vistanet finds the best options for your budget.

·       Physical network. Whether you need the speed of a fiber optic Internet connection or you just want a hard-wired Internet connection, Vistanet is the communications consultant to ask first. We can help you design your network layout.

·       Cloud storage. Off-site data storage is possible through cloud communications. Cloud storage for business makes you less vulnerable to cyber-attacks while reducing the costs of your local storage requirements. Ask Vistanet about your online data storage options.

·       Closed circuit TV. A CCTV system relies on a closed circuit or CC camera — or a string of CCTV cameras — to act as a first line of defense against theft. You can choose to store the footage offsite if you wish.

·       Security systems. When you need to be sure your merchandise or offices are safe, Vistanet can install a connected security alarm system. A security system continuously monitors your facility, alerting you through your cell phone when there’s a problem.

·       Wi-Fi network. You’ll have a slew of options through Vistanet for wireless Internet, ranging from Cisco Meraki networks to Ubiquiti Wireless. Vistanet provides business technology through its partners, in the form of wide-area Wi-Fi from such devices as Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti Mesh. The best Wi-Fi networks are enabled by the best Wi-Fi hardware from Vistanet.