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Business VoIP

Where having your head in the cloud is a good thing.


Vistanet is a Western North Carolina based telecommunications company that caters to small businesses and national companies with the same exceptional customer service. Vistanet delivers an effective way to manage all your business communications needs in one package. Vistanet:

·       Customizes your telecommunication options

·       Gives you only those services and devices you really need

·       Provides continual education, consultation and training

Vistanet offers one of the most robust and feature-rich hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services to local and national customers. Vistanet’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform blends all the functionality of a traditional office phone system with mobile phone capabilities. In addition to voice, Vistanet offers instant messaging, video calling, and two-way screen sharing.  By using a per-user model, Vistanet can work with any size business from a one person start up to a 1000-person multi-location enterprise.


Vistanet provides customized business phone solutions just for you.  For example, you may need to connect with mobile salespeople outside your in-house office phone systems. Or you may be a sole proprietor who prefers to maintain privacy but doesn’t want to carry around two or more phones. With your personalized business phone VoIP service, you can get all the features you want, including:

·       Hosted PBX system. A hosted private branch exchange or PBX is a business phone that allows you to dial extensions, route calls, program specific hold music or record a hold message all without having to install any costly hardware. Today, most PBX phone systems rely on VoIP for both audio and visual communications.

·       Smart Number. Vistanet’s Smart Number service is an intelligent VoIP phone system that allows you to unify all your cloud communications under one number. Your Smart Number can be forwarded to a work, home or cell number with settings that can include times, days or area codes. If you’re tying into an existing phone network, you’ll also get extension dialing and one-to-one video conferencing.

·       Choice of phone hardware. Vistanet offers phones from Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink. Ranging from desk phones to conference phones and even cordless handsets. No matter what your work environment, you can get the right phone hardware.

You can start to see the power of what moving to the cloud means for your business.

Ultra StationPlus StationStandard Station
ChromeTM DialerYYY
Alternate Numbers 2/ Distinctive RingYYY
Anonymous Call RejectionYYY
Automatic RecordingY
Busy Lamp MonitoringYYY
Call Forwarding AlwaysYYY
Call Forwarding BusyYYY
Call Forwarding No AnswerYYY
Call Forwarding Not ReachableYYY
Call HistoryYYY
Call Hold & ResumeYYY
Call NotifyYYY
Call MonitoringYYY
Call Logs w/ Click to DialYYY
Call RecordingY
Call RedialYYY
Call ReturnYY
Call StatusYYY
Call Transfer (Attended & Blind)YYY
Call WaitingYYY
Call Waiting IDYYY
Directed Call pickupYYY
Do Not DisturbYYY
E-Fax PortalY
Enterprise Phone DirectoryYYY
Extension Dialing, Variable LengthYYY
Feature Access CodesYYY
Inbound Caller ID (Name & Number)YYY
Main Number Outbound Caller IDYYY
N-Way Calling (6)YYY
Office AnywhereYY
Outbound Caller ID BlockingYYY
Personal DirectoryYYY
Selective Call AcceptanceYYY
Selective Call RejectionYYY
Sequential RingYYY
Shared Call AppearanceYY
Simultaneous RingYYY
Speed DialYYY
Transfer (Intercom & Voicemail)YYY
User Web PortalYYY
Visual VoicemailYYY
Voicemail to EmailYYY
Voicemail TranscriptionY