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Network Solutions

Your business is only as strong as your network.


A business VoIP phone service is just one aspect of your total cloud communications services package that you need to consider. Your phone system is only as good as the network to which it is connected.  Vistanet will work with you from design to implementation to develop and deploy a true enterprise-grade network to make sure your business is running at peak performance.

Whether you are a new business or an expanding company, Vistanet works with several manufacturers to provide all aspects of your local network including:

·       Physical network.  Your operations are only as reliable as the physical infrastructure upon which it is built.  Having a true enterprise grade network will ensure that your business will run smoothly.  Vistanet will right-size the network to suit your needs, but still give you the flexibility to expand in the future as your business grows. We can help you design your network layout, and then expertly install it as well.

·       Wi-Fi network. You’ll have a slew of options through Vistanet for wireless Internet, ranging from Cisco Meraki networks to Ubiquiti Wireless. Vistanet provides business technology through its partners, in the form of Wi-Fi access points from such manufacturers as Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti Mesh. The best Wi-Fi networks are enabled by the best Wi-Fi hardware from Vistanet.

·       Closed circuit TV. A CCTV system relies on a closed circuit or CC camera — or a string of CCTV cameras — to act as a first line of defense against theft. You can choose to store the footage offsite if you wish.

·       Security systems. When you need to be sure your merchandise or offices are safe, Vistanet can install a connected security alarm system. A security system continuously monitors your facility, alerting you through your cell phone when there’s a problem.