The facts and costs of phishing


The Cost of Phishing

A significant risk for Businesses

The human element is often the weakest component in a company’s security, and attackers exploit this fact. Phishing attacks are on the rise and more sophisticated than ever.

The average cost of a phishing attack for a mid-sized company is $1.6 million.

The Human Firewall

Defend against changing threats

Having layered levels of defense is critical to an effective information security program. Blacklisting a site or IP address is ineffective to defending against phishing attacks. Employees are a key part of a security strategy.

Testing & Training

Improve Employees’ Security Awareness

Testing and training are needed to improve your human firewall. A great way to improve your resilience against phishing attacks is to test and train your employees with this threat vector.



Educate + Entertain = Risk Reduction

Keep your employees at the highest level of security awareness through continuous training and testing. Our team will help your business implement a full-service state of the art phishing awareness program that educates, entertains, and reduces risks for your business.


Real World Phishing Simulations

Fake phishing simulations sent monthly that provide employees real world phishing scenarios to their inbox. HookMail trains employees using all types of email templates including brand-knocks, current events, business email compromise, financial/banking, healthcare, IT, online services, social media, promotions as well as customized templates.

Edutainment Training

A new, yet proven, type of individualized and compelling asynchronous training. New-age training that builds company-wide cyber awareness and culture. Edutainment is entertainment with an educational aspect. If an employee clicks on a link in the email they are sent to edutainment video training content that is less than 60 seconds. Employees who pass the monthly simulation are sent congratulatory emails with a dose of edutainment training. HookMail provides employees the necessary pattern recognizing skills to properly identify phishing emails and threats.