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The Future of Work, Part 2

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The Future of Work, Part 2

The workforce and ways of doing business continue to evolve as technology drives more changes than ever. As pointed out in our last blog, The Future of Work, Part 1, one of the takeaways from the global pandemic was that insightful, brave business leaders found ways to continue working successfully without waiting to play catch-up with technological advancements. Commerce didn’t stand still but instead opened the door to the future of work.

At Vistanet, we understand that the future is here now. We practice the future-of-work principles, including:

  1. Working from home

  2. Eschewing brick-and-mortar offices

  3. Visiting clients at their places of business

  4. Relying on effective electronic communication

  5. Providing support with very little friction

What Do Employees Want Today?

Once employees discovered they could be just as productive — and even more so — working from home, they’ve been reluctant to return to the office. In addition to the added stress of continued infection, workers find a better work/life balance when they eliminate the commute and distractions of an office environment. New studies show that workers want:

  1. The ability to work from anywhere

  2. Effective tools to keep them connected

  3. Technology that’s fast and useful

  4. Little or no tech disruptions

  5. Exceptional support

  6. Privacy and top-of-the-line security

These are areas in which Vistanet thrives. We provide services and products that include:

  1. Practical voice over internet protocols (VoIP) services and devices

  2. Extensive up-front training

  3. Superior back-end support

What’s the Future of Work Look Like for Business Owners?

Taking care of your employees — keeping them happy and productive — means that you reduce recidivism. You can drastically reduce your training and onboarding costs when your team remains focused and in place. In fact, FlexJobs reports that 65 percent of employees surveyed want to work remotely full time, while 31 percent would be happy with a hybrid version. That’s a whopping 96 percent of American workers who want to keep working from home, even when all the pandemic concerns are in the past.

If they can’t get those accommodations from you, they’ll find another company that will provide them. When you work with experienced communication technology companies like ours at Vistanet, your business wins with:

  1. A stable workforce

  2. High-level security for all your technology

  3. HIPPA compliance for remote workers

  4. Reliable tech support

  5. An enterprise-ready suite of telecom solutions

  6. Cloud Voice alliance of partners available nationwide

  7. Transparent billing

  8. Affordable plans for every size business

Where Do You Go from Here?

The future of work is here. There’s no turning back now. You can accept the “new normal” or struggle to keep up with your competitors. You’ll still have access to a small cadre of workers who work best when they have an office to go to and people with whom they can interact. Clients eventually will welcome back in-person meetings and rep visits.

But if you want to grow your business and thrive, you must do more than just survive. Embracing the future of work with a partner as thorough as us at Vistanet is not only in your best interest, it’s the best solution. Enjoy peace of mind and a team of employees who remain loyal because you place a high priority on their interests as well. Contact our Vistanet team or (828) 348-5366 to join the future today.

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