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Who is Greg Robel?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Vistanet is celebrating 10 years in 2022. Ten years of telecom sophistication, industry market-leading equipment and cutting edge technology built to help businesses like yours grow. In the last 12 months, our company has improved in all the right areas. We’ve continued to institute advanced telecom solutions by attending large technology conferences, arming ourselves with an exclusive inventory of high-impact equipment while giving our customers mobile app access and services that are designed to deliver.

Who is responsible for all of this forward-thinking and futuristic telecom? At Vistanet, it’s our dual dynamic team. Greg Robel and Andrea Robel. Not only are we a family-run business, but we are also a hybrid of almost 50 years of communication experience and knowledge, tech, security and networks run through our veins.

Our Dynamic Team Duo

Greg Robel and Andrea Robel

While Andrea Robel is the deeply rooted leader in the telecommunications industry, Greg Robel is Vistanet’s young, tech-savvy telecom solutions expert. Greg is the wizard who comes into your business to inspect your current systems so he can offer a solution to your business communication struggles. He will boost your business with a more sophisticated system, bringing in broader security, simplifying your connections and advancing your company’s operations to generate more sales and ROI.

Who is Greg Robel?

Greg’s background dates back to college, where he graduated with degrees in Finance and Economics earning him fluency in cost-savings and capital outlays resulting in opportunistic solutions for small businesses. No matter your business goals, Greg’s 15+ years of telecom and network experience has given him a deep sense of appreciation of the powerful technology at the heart of Vistanet’s services—and how it can help your company thrive.

Greg knows the powerful technology that is behind Vistanet’s telecom solutions. Greg is proficient in tech and keenly observant of where systems are falling short. After listening to you and observing your company’s work environment, Greg offers answers to the communications needs for tightened security, privacy training for employees, remote work situations and implements modern features for today’s businesses.

Now is the Time

Are you ready for a more advanced communication system for your business? Boost your company’s capabilities for working more efficiently while protecting your sensitive data. Greg Robel is the person you will need to rely on when it comes time to take your business into the future. Vistanet’s technician superhero.

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