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Business Phone Pricing

Business phone plans, desktop phones, apps and powerful call and conference features

About Our Pricing

Vistanet provides transparent pricing information that is customized to each business (employees, lines, locations) and their infrastructure (network, current systems, etc.).  Pricing is based on 3 factors that Vistanet customizes:


  • The Phone Plan – Dependent on user needs (see below)

  • Desktop Phones – Different models are available (see below)

  • Additional Business Features – All plans come with many standard features.  Some businesses may need additional features such as perpetual call recording, a contact center for high-volume calls, and more.  Additional feature details are outlined below.

Vistanet customizes plans based on these 3 basic factors. Vistanet also handles all installation, as well as training. When you have a support question or issue or need additional lines or equipment, all you have to do is call Vistanet. We provide local service and expertise within a certain radius of the main office.

Let us expertly audit your current phone bill, contact us:
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Standard Phone Package


per User and includes:

Mobile App, Desktop App plus all of the VoIP user features, group features and system features and call recording

Additional Business Phone Features Available

Click here for Full list of Features
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If you are a high-volume call business such as tech support sites, salons, vets offices, doctors’ offices, HVAC companies, plumbing companies, electrical companies, etc. and/or have high call volume due to remote technicians or onsite employees, you may need Contact Center Features (also known as Call Center).

• Call Center Dashboard to view actual and real time data (wait times, etc.)

• Call Attendant – direct callers to appropriate person

• Perpetual Call Recording and Storage (not limited to 30 days)

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CONFERENCE OR UTILITY PHONE – $14.99/month per station

These are phones for businesses with conference rooms, kitchens, breakrooms, lobby areas, other common areas where phones are needed but not monitored.

Add-Ons or Upgrades / Business Extra Features, Vistanet can provide additional phone features such as:

• E-fax
• Toll free numbers
• International calling

Don’t forget, in addition to the equipment and phone plans, you may also need security, phishing and HIPAA training depending on the type of business and information your employees discuss over the phone.

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