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Get Connected with Vistanet’s Business Phone Protection Assurance

Believe it or not, many businesses today still operate using analog business phones. Why? Some company owners and managers continue to fear the jump to digital phones entirely. Either they believe the technology is not affordable or is too difficult to learn a new system. Others may be naive as to how a digital, internet-based phone system allows for greater efficiency in employee workflow and improved communication internally and with their customers. The lack of awareness is the mountain we climb as a communications company aiming to inform businesses about how easy the switch to internet-based business phones is and why it can save you money in the long run.

Once you make the upgrade, Vistanet keeps your company connected with voice, messaging, meetings, video, and fax on any device. At any given moment, a disaster or emergency can knock your company off the communications grid. Power outages, for one, can disrupt a company's communication lines with its customers and vice versa. The customers’ ability to contact your business is also lost with a power outage which, at the end of the day, affects sales. Every business should have a backup plan when phone lines are disconnected. With Vistanet's voice traffic-capable phones, that backup plan is already in place from day one.

Don't Skip a Business Beat When Disaster Strikes

Every business can be prepared when a disaster occurs. How? By updating your traditional analog phone lines to an internet-based, digital connection from Vistanet. Businesses whose phone systems continue to be hosted on a local, on-premise server, need to have a backup plan to prepare in case an emergency happens. When the power shuts off or you lose your internet connection, Vistanet’s mobile application keeps you up and running as a business for your customers and for employees.

Baby Steps to Communication Greatness

Some companies have a hybrid PBX setup that combines legacy, on-premise equipment with a digital connection. Here at Vistanet, we feel that hybrid PBX systems are ok, at least temporarily. Why? Because with a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds. You maintain the system you are comfortable with while future-proofing your business in the case of a catastrophic failure. If your power or Internet goes down, Vistanet has you covered with a mobile app to provide redundancy. If your phone system dies, we can migrate you very quickly to our hosted solution. In many cases, we can have you up and running again on the same day.

Given these realities, with Vistanet’s hosted voice service, you can rest assured at night when you leave the office. Your employees will always come to work knowing that no matter what, they will remain connected to each other and to your customers.

Contact us today to up bring your company’s connections into the 21st century.

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