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Presenting Today’s Vistanet

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

2020 taught us all many lessons. We learned to pivot and adjust and adapt to changes. Like many of you, we adapted as well. Remote working and the temporary shut down of commercial spaces forced many to consider alternatives to how they communicate.

We, at Vistanet, have been working hard to meet our community’s needs and those of our clients. We look forward to a new year working alongside you to help you streamline your communications and adapt to a new work environment.

As we look to a new year we also made some changes. The telecommunications industry is in a constant state of flux. New technologies are constantly coming on the market and testing our capabilities. We decided it was time for us to upgrade and update as well.

We’re pleased to present to you today’s Vistanet ~

First, we updated our branding. October 2021 is our 10 year anniversary and though we’ve adapted our services, our branding was stuck in the past. Here’s our new logo and tagline:

We intentionally dropped imagery referring to specific telecommunications systems such as Wi-Fi towers. Who knows what the future holds? Our logo instead represents the future of technology. The arch reinforces our tagline – connecting people. Not only does it reflect our modern business but it speaks to the importance of having more secure and reliable communications for your business. Why? Because ‘Connecting People’ is at the heart of every business and we know reliable connections help make it happen.

Second, we gave our website a complete update. We invite you to check it out here. It is now mobile-optimized for today’s viewing and the navigation is more user-friendly.

Our message is clear – it’s all about you and your business or, as we put it…

It’s Your Turn to Call the Shots

Elevating your enterprise starts here.

Our Mission – What we do every day – We strive to equip today’s business owners with tomorrow’s telecom solutions.

Our Vision – To be the most dependable, greatest equipped and best-mannered telephony company in the world.

Like you, we are continuously evolving. To stay up to date, we invite you to follow along on Facebook, Instagram or connect with us professionally on LinkedIn. Let us help you stay connected.

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