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What’s the Best Way to Get VoIP for My Business?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly referred to as VoIP, has earned its place as the most productive and cost-effective way for you to operate the phone system for your business. It’s no longer an unproven fad, but the trend for upwardly mobile companies and their leaders with a slew of proven benefits that include:

  • Worldwide telephone service at the lowest price

  • Highest sound quality

  • Costs as low as 60 percent less than a traditional phone service

  • Ready to use anywhere with no additional tech set-up required

  • Advanced features, such as call recording, auto attendants and call queues

  • Unified communication for your entire team

  • Call encryption

All you need is an internet connection to use VoIP, along with the best service provider to handle your specific needs. Vistanet is an FCC-licensed VoIP telephone service provider, which means they’re more than a reseller or broker. As an FCC-licensed company, they’re held to strict guidelines around privacy and security, and they must meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

What Should I Know Before Buying a VoIP System?

Because of its rise in popularity, there are many companies that resell and broker VoIP phone services. It’s similar to a real estate transaction, where you can buy and sell property without using a licensed real estate agent. By doing that, however, you run the risk of mistakes happening in the legal transaction that can come back to bite you.

But if you use a licensed real estate agent, then you know:

  • The agent has been through extensive industry training.

  • The agent earned all the appropriate certifications and qualifications.

  • The agent must report to a governing body for their industry.

  • Should something go wrong, there is liability protection to a degree.

What Is Full-Service VoIP?

The same things are true of FCC-licensed VoIP telephone service providers as they are for Realtors. These professionals are held to strict guidelines around privacy, security and regulatory compliance requirements. In addition to their regulatory identification, Vistanet is a full-service telecom provider, which is the next most important thing you need to know before buying into VoIP.

The full-service benefits you receive when you contract with an experienced, licensed and diligent company like Vistanet include:

  • Providing complete support service for your telephone

  • Giving you and your team phish and HIPPA training, a must if you want your company to be HIPPA compliant

  • Setting you up with full redundancy capabilities so you always have a backup in place

  • Maintaining your VoIP service well beyond the service package plan

  • Selling for a wide range of major telecom equipment makers as a licensed dealer

  • Installing and custom designing your business telecommunications plan

Contact Vistanet today and ask about any current specials. When you rely on Vistanet, you’re assured of:

  • Proven reliability, as shown in the company testimonials

  • 24/7 support

  • A sales experience that involves no pressure

  • A number of professional options for packages that best serve your needs

  • Network compatibility

  • Minimal downtime as you move into your VoIP system

Switch to VoIP sooner rather than later to begin enjoying lower telecom rates, expanded services and useful features. VoIP enhances and promotes your business growth, making life easier for your entire team. As a result, you may enjoy greater retention, and your employees may achieve work satisfaction. Everyone wins when you use VoIP from Vistanet.

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