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Vistanet, an Asheville, NC based company,  offers one of the most robust and feature-rich hosted Voice over IP phone platforms in the world to our customers both local and across the contiguous United States.  Our VoIP platform excels with mobile workforce and multi-location environments.  We understand that your business is expanding rapidly and now is the time to consider a unified communications platform to support your entire enterprise. 

We recognize the shift toward a more mobile environment and the need to keep you and your employees connected while they’re on the go. From Main Street to the Fortune 500, companies rely on our partner networks to improve and enhance productivity and their bottom-line. Our solutions enable mobility, allowing professionals to do business anywhere, on any device, across all kinds of networks.

We shop so you don't have to.

Vistanet and the Robels have given us the ability to work for our clients more efficiently, thereby offering our clients better communication. In our line of work, efficient and organized communication between my staff and our clients is essential. Many folks complain, in general, about how law firms do not communicate well. We do not want to be included in that stereotype. We are able to quickly transfer calls, have individual voicemail inboxes, have an internal messenger system, and provide faster customer service. They helped my office expand and improve. We are very lucky to have them in our corner!
— Zeno Lancaster, IV Managing Attorney Lancaster Law Firm