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Develop a Culture of Security: Achieve Peace of Mind for Your Business

Keeping sensitive data safe in today’s online world starts with creating a culture of security starting with leadership and integrating the entire team. HIPAA security is more than a checklist; it's a methodology and that methodology begins with your people.

Your phone system is an important tool not only for communicating and sharing information but also for protecting that information. However, it is your employees who are the gatekeepers of the information they share. Providing the tools and training they need is what leaders do and where Vistanet comes in.

Whenever multiple employees have access to sensitive data, there’s a chance of compromise. Teaching your employees proper online safety minimizes the risks and lets you focus on running your business. Vistanet Telecommunications, Inc. is Asheville, NC’s premier, full-service VoIP service, providing secure communications over multiple devices. Vistanet is a leader in business communications technology because their team gives you peace of mind through sophisticated solutions, along with the training to use them safely.

How Do I Keep My Staff Safe Online?

Awareness of the dangers of doing business online among your entire staff is one step that keeps your company safe. Your employees need to be able to recognize and respond to online threats. The information your staff needs to be safe online includes:

  • How to spot unsecured websites

  • How to recognize dangerous emails that include malware attachments and phishing scams

  • What information should never be shared online

  • How to create the best passwords

As a full-service VoIP provider, Vistanet offers training to create a culture of online safety. Vistanet trains your employees in online security, threat identification and ways to deal with dangerous situations.

What Is Hook Security?

Hook Security is Vistanet's partner. It identifies your company’s weaknesses to phishing and other online threats. Every member of your staff needs to be aware of the types of scams that can damage your company. In today’s online world, one slip-up can leak valuable data, putting your business at risk.

Hook Security offers psychological security training for your staff to avoid phishing and other scams. They test your staff's online vulnerability and address it through a proven system that includes:

  • Sending phishing emails to see who gets caught

  • Providing comprehensive online threat training

  • Generating security reports about how your staff performs and who needs more help

Vistanet partners with Hook Security to test your company for weaknesses so you can address them. This partnership lets you trust your staff to make safe choices online.

Are VoIP Services Compatible with HIPAA and Other Sensitive Data?

Yes, full-service VoIP systems are compliant with HIPAA and safe for all kinds of data. Problems arise when employees using VoIP services don’t have proper training in data safety and HIPAA protocols. A violation may be triggered if your business receives HIPAA-protected data over email or voicemail, but fails to properly encrypt it.

Teaching your employees HIPAA protocols and general data safety makes your days less stressful. The steps your staff can learn to prevent HIPAA violations or any data breach include:

  • Switching to unique passwords instead of relying on defaults

  • Installing the latest software updates and patches

  • Using two-factor authentication

  • Keeping a call log from remote work

Being a full-service VoIP, Vistanet offers your staff HIPAA training. Vistanet’s experts teach you and your staff the rules of handling data under HIPAA rules to avoid user errors. To achieve online peace of mind, contact Asheville’s top full-service VoIP provider today.

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