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Black Business EXPO Was a Huge Success!

Running a small business on your own can be stressful, time-consuming, and downright exhausting, but success can feel a little more achievable when you add community support to the mix. That’s what Rika Harrison of the WNC Minority Business Association wants to contribute to local and regional black-owned businesses. For Rika, it’s time we lift up smaller companies through the power of community, exposure, and networking.

Recently, Rika hosted her first inaugural Black Business Expo in April 2022 for small businesses owned by women and black-owned businesses. The Expo featured 3 days of free workshops, and business vendors, many of whom were black-owned businesses featuring arts and crafts, retail and apparel, food, and more. This event drew more than 500 people to connect with more than 60 local businesses. And, the participating businesses were permitted to sell their products or showcase their services.

For us at Vistanet, this was a wonderful opportunity not only to be a vendor, but to network and learn about other small businesses, and to offer our support to the efforts Rika is making in our mountain region.

Our Takeaways:

For future participants and visitors of the WNC Black Business Expo, we’d like to share 3 major points we felt were beneficial to us as a small business.

  1. As a vendor: We met and connected with over 60 other small businesses! From our vendor perspective, this networking event was an enormous opportunity. Although the event happened during an unexpected Spring snow weather event, over 50 vendors committed time and resources to participate. What’s so great about that? Exposure! Close to 600 patrons were there to shop, taste test, and discover new offerings from local small businesses. How & why? Because this Expo event was super successful, well organized, and well promoted.

  2. As an attendee: This was a great way to get in front of prospective customers, meet new business owners and sample products from our diverse community.

  3. From the Small business perspective - This is an annual opportunity to gain new customers and clients that will help you grow your business!

Why you should be a vendor, attendee or small business attending?

  • Great exposure for a large mix of different businesses

  • A lot of crafty businesses to fall in love with

  • A lot of retail businesses offering unique products and services

A lot of new resources. You never know who you will meet!

Ready to start planning as a vendor or patron for next year’s WNC Minority Business Expo event? Be sure to follow and stay in the loop of what’s happening. Follow


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