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Fill in the Blanks: Reasons Why Vistanet is Asheville’s Local VoIP Provider!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Vistanet has the capacity and bandwidth to run with the big dogs of VoIP service providers. For Asheville to have a high-tech communications company such as Vistanet right here in our backyard is pretty remarkable. Imagine having a national phone carrier personally come to your business to assess, train or recommend the proper equipment and services that will improve efficiency and productivity within your company. That’s what Vistanet does, which is what makes them Asheville’s best local VoIP provider. Period.

Let VISTANET Fill in the Blanks

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how valuable a VoIP company can be, so let’s break it down for you here with frequently asked questions. The point of all of this is to help you understand the things you didn’t know before about Vistanet. 

#1 What you should know (or ask) before you buy:
  1. Ask if they can support service for your telephone system or will you have to contact another company for support?

  2. Can they provide phishing training, HIPAA training? Why does this matter? your business needs to be HIPAA compliant, is your business HIPAA certified? Your telecommunications is only one piece of HIPAA compliance for your business. If you do business with a medical office or facility that is required to be HIPAA compliant, then your business must also be HIPAA compliant.

  3. Does their phone system have redundancy? What is redundancy? Is there a backup plan? We have backup plans in other states. Our phone systems will automatically switch over.


Vistanet is FCC Licensed because we are a VoIP telephone service provider which means we are more than a reseller/broker. There are a lot of companies that resell or broker VoIP telephone services. As an FCC licensed company, it means we are held to strict guidelines around privacy, security and have to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Similar to a real estate transaction, you can buy and sell a property without using a licensed real estate agent but then you run the risk of mistakes happening in the legal transaction that can come back to bite you later. However, if you use a licensed real estate agent, then you know that agent has been through training, has certified certain qualifications, and must report to a governing body for their industry. Should something go wrong, there is liability protection to a degree.

Most of the resellers or brokers do not provide service, maintenance or training beyond the phone service package plans. Another example – Lowes vs. Window Makers

Vistanet is a reseller for the equipment. We are licensed dealers for these phone companies.

#2 How Vistanet is Different?


Vistanet is a full-service telecommunications company that is both FCC licensed and also a reseller for the major telecommunications companies. This allows us to provide our customers with the broadest options to meet their needs.  Example: If you do end up buying a package from AT&T, we cannot do service or training, etc.   

As an FCC licensed company, it means we are held to strict guidelines around privacy, security and must meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Full service means we can provide end-to-end service – from the Internet to phone service and other verticals needed to support your telecommunications needs such as CRM, call center functions, phishing training, HIPAA training, etc.

Not all VoIP providers are FCC licensed which means their service boundaries are limited – they often cannot also provide service and installation and cannot custom design your phone service. When you select Vistanet, we can provide all of these options plus as your VoIP provider, we can also install, service and train. Vistanet can be your outsourced telecommunications partner. We specialize in customizing your business telecommunications plan.

Ready to get on board with your local VoIP provider? Allow us to come demonstrate the power and efficiency of our licensed capabilities in the telecommunications industry. Asheville’s most suited VoIP services provider!

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