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How Vistanet Lends Business Support for Sustainability Practices in Manufacturing Companies

It’s not unknown that today’s industries are adopting environmentally sustainable policies to protect the earth and help slow down climate change. From farming to manufacturing, global shipping, and more, all are pushing to improve their carbon footprint by implementing new initiatives requiring broad strokes for updating company-wide department levels with sustainable practices. These practices include how a business performs through its communication lines, equipment, and technology which affects worker efficiency and productivity. Many manufacturing companies here in Western North Carolina are falling suit with these new sustainable production models.

Vistanet's connective business services and telecom technology greatly help to improve communication which directly influences customer service and satisfaction and improves worker productivity and efficiency in manufacturing companies of all sizes.

How are Manufacturing Companies Making the Shift to Greener Policies?

Specifically? Manufacturing companies are implementing greener policies. Here’s how:

  • Recycling paper, glass, and plastic produces less worker waste and production waste, cardboard,

  • Installing Solar panels

  • More worker community involvement such as environmental cleanup and humanitarian initiatives, education

  • Expanding supply chain partners to include companies with like-minded sustainability goals,

  • E-waste recycling

  • Lowering emissions through electric fleet vehicles and charging stations for employees

  • Including green-certified and eco-friendly office products in daily activities,

  • Ensuring that materials are responsibly sourced

  • Partnering with universities and community groups to develop robust sustainability programs for our clients and employees

  • Supporting outside companies who are also dedicated to environmental protection, for example, telecommunications

  • Finding new and innovative ways to reduce waste and consumption of natural resources throughout the company’s locations

Take The GEL Group based out of Charleston, for example, this group is making huge efforts in assisting and guiding manufacturing-specific companies to implement these new practices for a greener world using their suggested methods and practices from above.

3 Ways Vistanet's Business Solutions Support Your Manufacturing Company

Vistanet provides three major business solutions that directly influence sustainability practices within a manufacturing company. Vistanet provides:

  • FileCenter DMS - Improved worker productivity by with providing more complete organization and a more seamless, paperless file management document system.

  • Equipment and Applications - for worker efficiency, Vistanet’s provides the technology and training to improve productivity and efficiency. Essentially, employees work smarter.

  • Call Centers - tracking calls, reporting, better customer services, fewer missed calls, tracking employee productivity for review and reporting. Resulting in improved client/customer communication, and employee efficiency.

Vistanet’s Business Solutions Benefit Manufacturing Company's Bottom Line and Sustainability Practices

For manufacturing companies with high call volume, remote technicians, and employees, tracking phone calls can be quite challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Vistanet provides the equipment and training for installing improved technology for managing a heavy call load.

Call Centers

External communication issues potentially need a call center, and the ability to work remotely. Connect multiple locations together. How?

  1. Monitor incoming calls.

  2. Get User/Technician stats, the average number of missed calls, and call user time

  3. Track the usage of your phones by your agents/technicians/staff. Get improved data on productivity on the phone, both the number of calls answered the average length of time on a call, and the average number of calls missed.

  4. A monitoring dashboard is included and built-in.

  5. Call recording (a big part of the feature, especially if you handle a lot of over-the-phone support) but enhanced call recording is available which is perpetual cloud storage hosted on AWS servers.

Top Features for manufacturing companies:

  • Overhead paging

  • Call parking

  • Seamless conferencing

  • Attended Transfer

  • Blind Transfers

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Logs (Inbound and Outbound)

  • Remote technician communication - not using their personal phones rather they use Vistanet’s mobile App for customer matters

  • Problem-solving internal communication issues - by making it easier and seamless communicating within the company.

  • Can put in wifi based phones, and wirelessly can place phones anywhere versus next to a wall plug

FileCenter Document Management Software

For updating and maintaining current data company-wide made easy, Vistanet partners with FileCenter DMS to provide efficiency throughout an organized file system. This also helps companies go paperless resulting in more worker productivity. Contact us to learn how FileCenter can be integrated into your company file and data systems.

Equipment and Applications

Vistanet provides manufacturing businesses with a variety of connective services and advanced telecom solutions, specially designed to fit today’s corporate needs. This cutting-edge catalog of next-gen communications telephony was purpose-built to enhance and advance your operations, sales, and ROI.

  • Phones – cordless and desk phones (single and multiple line extensions)

  • Headsets – Bluetooth capable and Wireless (especially good for veterinarian offices, medical offices, etc. with roving team members onsite)

  • Conference Phones – Bluetooth-capable and wireless conference phones that blend with your office​​

With Vistanet, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in good hands with our 15-point Success Checklist, which includes precision assessments, system-wide operational protocols and no wasted time. Once you're up and running, Vistanet goes into full support mode while you relish in seamless communications. Contact us today for a free assessment today.

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