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Techs Hiring Techs:

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

A collaboration with Charlotte Street Computers

Enhanced Call Center Functionality Demonstration Co-Hosted with Vistanet Telecommunications

Abandoned Calls are like Abandoned Carts. Either way, you look at it, it means a company is losing potential sales.

Asheville-based Charlotte Street Computers is a computer repair service that experiences high call volume. As an Apple Premium Service Provider and also authorized for Mac repair and PC’s that run Windows, their team of certified, experienced PC and Mac technicians receive many support questions and calls. Juggling those calls and managing the schedules of the technicians can be a time-consuming process. The top priority is, of course, meeting the needs of their customers who rely on their devices for work and personal connections. With more businesses allowing their staff and teams to work from home, reliable working devices are even more important. This is why Jen Mayer, Charlotte Street Computers owner, reached out to Vistanet Telecommunications to solve their call center needs. As Jen puts it, “Yes, Techs do hire Techs.”

This collaboration provides insight into how Enhanced Call Center functionality, provided with Vistanet VoIP phone systems can provide the dashboard, data and insights businesses with high call volumes need to improve their customer support services and ultimately, improve their sales.


Vistanet and Charlotte Street Computers is inviting (must rsvp) businesses to an in-person demonstration question and answer presentation to learn more about this Enhanced Call Center functionality.

Attendees will learn how call center hubs work for many different types of businesses (from tech to retail to on-call support businesses) that experience high call volume with onsite and offsite support technicians. In addition, attendees will learn:

  1. How to set up Enhanced Call Center Functionality also called “Call Center Hub.”

  2. How to track phone calls with multiple technicians (onsite or remote) and manage schedules

  3. Learn more about simplified inbound call centers with in-depth analytics

  4. How to use the Call Center Hub for quality control.

  5. How to reduce abandoned calls and call time.

  6. How a Call Center Hub can be an affordable, scalable inbound call experience for your employees.

The event will be recorded to share with the public. In addition, future group or private demonstrations are available. Light refreshments and snacks will also be provided.

If this sounds like your company, please inquire to learn how to attend this exclusive private event. If you would like to get an invite from Vistanet, please fill out this form.

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